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Urban farming as a tool for community building

Urban farming has many positive effects on the environment and people. It fosters biodiversity, connects people with nature and gardening is good for mental health and reducing stress. 

Cultivating in a community garden is much more fun, and they have also been found to increase neighborhood relations and reduce vandalism. In certain areas, it prevents segregation and helps new residents to integrate.

With service packages, we can help your residents or employees to get onboard to urban farming. We also provide community gardens as a service concept.

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Community service €450

The community service is an annual service suitable for housing associations, rental houses and workplaces, which enables community members to do urban farming easily. Members can order tools, soil and seedlings from our online store with free delivery and thus easily get into urban farming.

Delivery Van

Free delivery

Soil is heavy and seedlings are delicate fresh goods. Getting them from store is difficult if you don't have a car and home delivery is expensive due to the weight.

With Community service, we deliver the products of the entire apartment building or workplace at one time cost-effectively.  Free for the members.


My own gardener

Gardening is fun, but sometimes you need help. 

Members of the Community service get their own gardener, whom they can ask for advice in chat or by phone in problem situations.

Blokgarden application also helps members by giving instructions and weekly tasks for the plants.

Blokgarden kierrättää kaiken kaupunkiviljelyssä käytettävän mullan

Soil recycling and maintenance

The soil of plants wears out in use and must be replaced annually. It also is good to wash the boxes and pots for plant hygiene. At home, this is difficult, and it is not suitable to put used soil in organic waste either.

In connection with the soil and seedling deliveries, we will replace the members' equipment with serviced ones and recycle the soil correctly.

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Community garden as a service

Community farming is one of the most desired housing services in rental houses and housing associations.

We plan and implement the cultivation and help the community succeed during the season.

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the content of the community farm can be completely adapted to the needs

The community garden is planned in advance according to needs and adjusted to a suitable size. The crop can be placed anywhere in a sunny flat place where water is available. 

The most recommended and cheapest way of doing things is a three-year rotation, where the boxes are kept neatly stacked in a corner of the yard during the winter. We take care of this in the fall and in the spring we put the boxes back in place while we bring the seedlings and help start the summer season.

Every year, fresh soil and compost extract are added to the boxes to restore nutrients and microbial life. After three years, in the fall, the boxes are emptied and serviced at our premises.

Urban Open Community Gardens

In the summer of 2024, we are organizing farms in cooperation with different cities, in which anyone can participate.


Participation for residents is free and the aim is to guide residents to urban farming with a low threshold. You get to grow your own food, meet new people and learn new skills.

Blokgarden has implemented a successful urban farming project together with Palveltalo Kotipirtti Ry:nkan.
Get to know the community farming project implemented in Helsinki and its results
Read more about the urban farming implemented with VTS Kodi
Blokgarden has implemented a successful urban farming project together with VAV Asunnot Oy.
Blokgarden has implemented a successful urban farming project together with Vincit.
Blokgarden has implemented a successful urban farming project together with M2.
Blokgarden has implemented a successful urban farming project together with Steiner Koulu in Tampere.


Helsinki logi.png

VTS Käräjätörmä 2021

We implemented a community garden for the 800 residents of VTS-Kodi in the Käräjätörmä area in the summer of 2021.See more photos... 

20230809_170345 (1).jpg

Circular Green Bloks 2022

In 2023, in cooperation with Jalotus ry, we made 7 community farms for the residents of Nikkarinkruunu and M2 homes in Kerava.


Read more on HSY's website...

lollipop crown.png
M2 homes.png

Hiedanranta community farm 2022

We organized an open community farm in the circular economy area of Hiedanranta in the summer of 2022. There were 45 farmers and a total of 60 cultivation boxes. Each participant had their own box and a share of the shared boxes. 

Read here how the summer went...


Circular Green Bloks 2022

M2 homes.png

In the summer of 2022, we were involved in HSY's project, which aims to promote circular and sharing economy in residential blocks together with housing associations, companies and the city.

We implemented 3 community farms for rental houses and housing associations.


Read more on HSY's website...

VTS homes.png

VTS Käräjätörmä 2021

We made a community garden for the 800 residents of VTS-Kodit in the Käräjätörmä area in the summer of 2021.See more photos... 

VAV community farming.JPG
VAV Asunnot Oy logo

VAV Kaskealantie 2021

We made a 14-box community garden for the residents of the rental house at VAV Group's Kaskealantie site. read more...

Housing company in Lauttasaari

With the support of the Circular HoodFood project, we built a farm for one of the member companies of Taloyhtiöklub for the company's shareholders.Read more...

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