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Kaukajärvi Community Garden


The Kaukajärvi community garden is a free pop-up garden open to all residents of Kaukajärvi and Annala in the summer season 2024. Located at the Kaukajärvi school yard: Juvankatu 13, 33710 Tampere.

Each participant gets their own large 60 x 80 cm, cultivation box, a box for salads and herbs and a share of the common boxes.

We will have nice summer vibes, fun gardening activities together with community and home-grown food .

During the 2024 season, we will organize workshops on urban farming, where you will learn the secrets of growing food in a box.

The community garden is part of the Kaukajärvi and Annala neighborhood program, which the city of Tampere implements in Kaukajärvi and Annala in 2023-2025.

The goal of the community garden is to increase the area's attractiveness, community activities and to promote the participation of children and young people.

The community garden especially supports the following objectives of the Kaukajärvi and Annala vision themes: community and nature.

  1. plenty of high-quality urban greenery

  2. taking care of nature

  3. green areas as platforms for joint action

  4. close interaction with young people

  5. promoting safety

The activities start in April in the form of a seedling workshop at Kaleva's Urban Culture Center, and the cultivation itself begins with joint planting ceremony in June. The activities last troughout the summer of 2024 and culminates in a joint harvest and dinner in September.


Friday gardening

Every friday from 15 to 17 our gardener is there to help with the plants and to keep the garden in order. Come to the talk and get the best tips for your plants. Music, gardening and good times :)

Tuomas and Niilo - 0400-551352


Kaukajärvi farmers

FB Group coming up...

Upcoming Events

  • The opening of the community farm
    The opening of the community farm
    Mon, May 27
    May 27, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Tampere, Sarvijaakonkatu 28, 33540 Tampere, Finland
    Summer is finally starting and we are putting Taimet in multi. Come and spend a nice day in the garden. Summer is finally starting and we get to plant the boxes. Come and spend a nice day in the garden.
  • Workshop: Growing Seedlings
    Workshop: Growing Seedlings
    Fri, Apr 26
    Apr 26, 2024, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
    Helsinki, Piianpolku 7, 00410 Helsinki, Finland
    Come and plant your own seedlings for the community garden. Come sow your own seedlings for the community garden.

Vision 2030:

Urban agriculture produces 30% of our daily needs. and it has positive effects on people and the environment.

In the future, new technologies could be used in cities to professionally produce food for the needs of the residents. We strive towards this vision by developing new delivery models, technologies and networks.

We are creating a new culture of urban food production.

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