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How it all started. 

After the 2019 summer season, we met with friends and talked about what each had grown and how it had gone. The harvest had come, but there had also been problems, frost-bitten zucchini, cabbages with caterpillars, frost on the cucumbers and overwatered, cracked tomatoes. There was also frustration with bad seedlings and soil and all the constant frosting. 

That's when the magical words "I wish someone would bring those seedlings and soil ready" were uttered. Added to this wish was the idea of an application that would provide advice and instructions for cultivation and a cultivation box suitable for urban cultivation, and this is how Blokgarden was born. The idea got through to the European Space Agency's (ESA) business accelerator, and the company was subsequently founded in 2020.

"If we are supplied with all the necessary information and supplies, more people could grow their own food." 

Domestic urban education from 2020


Tuomas is a self-taught grower and leads the Blokgarden team. Concerned about future food crises and strives to do kauspunk farming mainstream, which would guarantee new food security even in difficult times. Works as a planer everywhere in the company and as a general garden gnome.


Rene has grown everything possible in his backyard and the whole Blokgarden was originally his idea after saying the words:  "I wish someone would bring those seedlings and soil ready" Rene came to Finland from Holland 20 years ago in a flower bulb container and now continues with carrots.


Niilo has a strong background in growing food from a biodynamic farm and training in the field. Acts as the voice of reason and speaks with the mouth of a professional.  Knows how to make plants bloom and what needs to be done when. 


A backyard grower that has been blooming in the greenhouse for years. A particularly good organizer and the only one of us who has an understanding of finances and numbers. But that's enough when one is the best.


Michel is a long-time garden and yard designer and our team's second confirmation from Holland. A self-taught grower and a hard worker who shovels a cube of soil in a stick.  


Janna is our team's technologist who brings new ideas and invents new ways to do things more easily. Aims to create a connection between technology and growing food in urban spaces.

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