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Community Garden


Kaleva community garden is a pop-up garden open to everyone and free of charge.

The aim is to increase community spirit, grow your own food together with others, and create a wonderful open space in Kaleva Malminkartano.

The aim is also to promote the culture of urban farming and to map the possibilities, willingness and operating model for continuing farming in the future.

During the 2024 season, we will organize workshops and activities related to a green sustainable urban environment and urban agriculture.

The operation lasts until the summer of 2024 and culminates in the harvest in September.


Tuomas and Niilo - 0400-551352

Friday gardening

Every friday from 15 to 17 the gardener is there to help with the plants and keep the garden in order. Come to the talk and get the best tips for your plants. 

Music and barbeque.


Kalevan viljelijät 

Join -Whatsapp Group


Kaleva farmers

FB Group coming up...

Varaa kasteluvuoro

Reserve your own watering schedule for the summer, when you water all the boxes at once.

If you have to cancel a shift, ask the Whatsapp group for help.

Watering is best done in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

If it rains, you don't need to water. Heaven will take your turn.

There are watering cans on site.

Vision 2030:

Urban agriculture produces 30% of our daily needs. and it has positive effects on people and the environment.

In the future, new technologies could be used in cities to professionally produce food for the needs of the residents. We strive towards this vision by developing new delivery models, technologies and networks.

We are creating a new culture of urban food production.

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