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summer garden as a service €159 / season

Grow your own food easily in the yard or on the balcony

We believe that if urban farming were easier, more people would do it.


From our store, you can get garden boxes and pots, nutrient-rich living soil and fresh seedlings delivered to your home.

As a member, you get help with growing from the application and from your own gardener. We also take care of the annual maintenance of the boxes and soil recycling for you.​

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direct delivery to your door

cultivation boxes, pots, seedlings and soils


to the pickup point

grow boxes and pots

  • delivery time 5 -8 days

  • postage €19.90

  • delivery to all of Finland

Homeservice €75/year

Homeservice is an annual membership with free delivery of all growing boxes and pots, fresh seedlings and live nutrient-rich organic soil.


During the season, you will receive help for growing from your own gardener and from application you get instructions and tasks for the well-being of your plants.

We also do the annual box maintenance and soil recycling for you.

See Kotipalvelu's availability areas


Order your free seedkit from our app

Blokgarden is a free app to help you grow food from seed to crops.

  • Plant-specific tasks and instructions 

  • Weekly reminders   

  • Direct advice from a gardener 

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Community garden as a service

Community farming is one of the most desired housing services in rental houses and housing associations.

We implement the cultivation and help the community succeed.

Vision 2030

Urban agriculture produces 30% of our daily needs

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Urban farming produces sustainable local food and has positive effects on people and the environment. Growing tomatoes and other vegetables is easy and fun. Home grown just tastes so much better and appreciation for food increases.  You'll learn new skills while saving money and you can teach your skills forward. We want to make urban farming easier for most people would have the opportunity to do so.

In the future, new technologies will be used in cities to professionally produce food for the needs of the residents. We strive towards this vision by developing our current operations and by creating a culture of urban farming by strengthening its position.

I ordered the ready-made boxes when I can't bend down anymore.

- Eija
I had no experience in growing plants, but this was still successful.

- Riikka
Cultivation box
The app was probably the best thing. It was clear what should be done and how. 

- Viljami
We had paprikas and beans and I ate them too. 

- Oskar
The best thing was when the box was brought home and it was ready to grow.

- Sikke
My father and I put tomatoes and herbs here. We get to water them.  

- Eelis and Lotta

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