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Community Garden as a Service

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a full service concept for municipalities, housing organizations and workplaces 

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Urban farming has many benefits to society, biodiversity and individuals.

Being able to grow your own food is one of the fundamental factors that makes us humans. Gardening has a positive impact on our mental health, reducing stress levels. Community gardening also has proven to reduce segregation, strengthen community relationships and increase urban biodiversity.

Professional urban food production could be an answer to solve our future food crisis by yielding up to 30% of our daily needs.

We are working towards this vision by growing the culture of urban food production from ground up with our action.

Community Garden as a service concept

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All suitable equipment for any location. Perfect for any surface, only sun and access to water is required.

  • ​Gardenboxes and pots

  • Soil and seedlings

  • Tools and equipment

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Ready made program concept for 5-500 people. Garden coordination and program for the community members to succeed from seed to crops.

  • Onsite workshops

  •  Blokgarden App

  • GardenerChat


We work with local SME partners to ensure full success with sustainable local resources. Local trained gardeners, soil and seedlings have a true connection with the local community and people.

We highly promote sustainable and non-discriminating practices, favoring local small business. 

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Do you want to benefit your community with gardening?
Let us help.

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