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seasonal garden

Soil recycling at home is inconvenient and winter storage of the garden takes up space.

A seasonal garden is a service product that contains everything needed for growing on the balcony or in the yard as an easy package. Just select the seedlings.

Tomato pot28L_1.jpg
Biolan Peatless garden soil40l_720x.webp

you can rent equipment

boxes, pots, soil, or wood and manure for the middle season


you get support for growing

instructions from the application and from the gardener by phone

Free delivery and collection

We bring the whole thing to your home in the summer and pick it up in the fall . We take care of maintenance and soil renewal for you.

Delivery 15.5 - 10.6

Pickup 15. 10-30.11

Emme enää voi ottaa uusia tilauksia vastaan tälle kesälle, lähes kaikki laatikot ja ruukut myyty loppuun.

VirVa jäsenet, joilla lunastettu lahjakortti. voitte tehdä tilauksen normaalisti alta.

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