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This smart pot is specially designed for growing tomatoes and is made of recycled plastic. It can also be used to grow other plants that need support: Cucumber, Eggplant, etc. 


The pot has a plant support that is up to 140 cm high and sturdy even for a heavy crop. Watering takes place from the watering hole on the side to the under-watering space. This is a very important feature when growing tomatoes.


You won't find such a big pot for tomatoes anywhere else. The same pot can also accommodate a couple of herbs, we recommend basil as a companion plant to the tomato.


Size: Width 40cm and height 153 cm

Mult space: 28 L


You can also choose to join

-1 pc x 40 liter bag of fresh organic soil


Order now and get this box delivered to your home from 10 May to 10 June 2024 

Remember to also order soil and seedlings.


Shipping methods: 

WITHOUT SOIL: weight 3 kg - postal delivery €15

WITH MULLA: weight 19 kg - postal delivery € 15

PICKUP: Free when picked up from Tampere
FREE HOME DELIVERY: For Kotipalvelu members

Blokgarden giant pot 28L with support

Sales Tax Included
  • Blokgarden Home Service is an annual membership that includes the services below.Join now and get a €25 gift card for the online store.


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