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Community Garden as a Service

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a full service concept for municipalities, housing organizations and workplaces 

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Urban farming has many benefits to society, biodiversity and individuals.

​The ability to grow our own food is one of the basic factors that defines us as humans.

Urban farming supports a sustainable way of life and environmental awareness, which can inspire to make more ecological choices.

Gardening has a positive effect on mental well-being, reducing the stress level and brings you closer to nature.

Community farming prevents segregation, reduces loneliness and strengthens community relations.

Adding greenery to the urban environment increases biodiversity.

Community Garden as a service concept

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All suitable equipment for any location. Perfect for any surface, only sun and access to water is required.

  • ​Gardenboxes and pots

  • Soil and seedlings

  • Tools and equipment

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Ready made program concept for 5-500 people. Garden coordination and program for the community members to succeed from seed to crops.

  • Onsite workshops

  •  Blokgarden App

  • GardenerChat


We work with local SME partners to ensure full success with sustainable local resources. Local trained gardeners, soil and seedlings have a true connection with the local community and people.

We highly promote sustainable and non-discriminating practices, favoring local small business. 

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The community garden at the office is a green resting place with stress-free activities. In addition, it supports a sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness, which can inspire employees to make more ecological choices in the work environment as well. A community garden is a tool that can improve the workplace atmosphere and bring many positive effects to the working community.

The garden is established on a terrace or in the yard, where it is easy to stop by for a short break. Activities with employees begin with the guidance of our gardener.

The best way to open the patio season is with a garden party!



In condominiums and rental houses, the community garden brings a place in the yard where you can meet other residents for joint activities. It is easy for new residents to get involved in activities and meet other residents.

The community farm serves as a good channel for discussion on the development of the house and operations.

In these gardens, we help start the community live, help activate and guide farmers during the season in a whatsapp group.

Increase the attractiveness and coziness of the house with a plantation!



In development areas, a blockgarden can serve as a good tool to increase the area's appeal or to activate community spirit.

Community farming has several effects on the area and the residents. Green functional areas have been found to increase the value and attractiveness of the apartments and the area.

We plan the community farm together with the customer for the tender process.

We pay attention to the needs of the local community and can involve schools and other organizations in the area in the activities.

Do you want to benefit your community with gardening?
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